Ivy • Office

OPAL Award | Winner 2020 | Architectural Design | Commercial

Office building as a second home is an issue that I want to mention it. In the design of Ivy office building, by considering the presence of users in their working place in most hours of the day, I have achieved a different quality. Design of this building delivers an environmental concept to the observer. The interior design approach places a lot of emphasis on transparency and openness of office space, not only does it provide a healthy administrative space, but also creates a different concept of an office building.

Located in a site of 620 m2. If we want to consider the whole volume as a rectangular cube with a concrete shell, wood in the form of ivy is rotated on the facade from inside the cube. From the east side of the ground, the building has a retreat to have a more beautiful façade view and to get side light. Small terraces for staff’s refreshment. The main structure is reinforced concrete with the “Cobiax” technology. The combination of concrete, wood and curtain wall is used in the facade. The wooden parts are secured with steel from behind.

The building has two levels underground of parking with a capacity of 24 cars. A Café with a cozy terrace and a lobby for offices located on the ground Floor. Five office floors, each floor including a management and conference room, an accounting room, a staff room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. And on the roof, there is a green space for the office events.

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